Propellards Review 2018 – Pros and Cons

What is Propellerads?

Propellerads is an advertising network created in 2011 that today offers more than 650 million impressions per day. It is based in the United Kingdom, and monetizes 100% of traffic regardless of its origin. The best thing is that you have a varied inventory of ads for desktops and mobile devices.

Keep in mind that Propellerads will give better results on high traffic sites and work with pop-under and onclick ads.
The best thing is that it can be used at the same time as Google Adsense and other systems if you decide, so you could win for several spaces. It's pretty good, do not you think?

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What and how does Propellerads pay? 

Propellerads pays for each visitor regardless of the country, works with CPM (cost per thousand impressions). It does not pay for ad click, but for every 1000 impressions generated, this is the main difference with Google Adsense.
The code optimizes campaigns to obtain better rates of return on investment and CPM. Rates vary from $ 0.25 to $ 10, depending on the type of ad and location.  

Propellerads works with eCPM "effective CPM" and in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada it can reach $ 5- $ 7 / eCPM. As for profits, Propellerads keeps 20%, with the remaining 80% for the publisher.

Payment is made after 30 days, and it is possible to receive the money by bank transfer or Payoneer. The minimum payment is 100 dollars for Payoneer payments and 500 for electronic transfers. Propellerads offers other formats besides the CPM, such as CPA, CPC or CPI and CPS, but in my opinion where it makes a good difference is in the CPM campaigns, in which you charge for each visit and apparently they pay quite well.

Ad types offered by Propellerads

Ads with banners, mobile interstitial, overlay, sliders, sponsored links, full-screen ads (Onclick ads) ... In short, there is a wide range, here I will explain here the ones that most caught my attention:


It is activated behind the active window and is only visible when the user closes the main window. They say that this format is the best CPM offers. Remember that Propellerads pays for each visit, and it is also one of the least intrusive systems, so you earn money without disturbing your visitors, which is ideal. Keep in mind that campaigns and ads approve them manually, plus you can rest easy as there are no ads for adults.


It is an exclusive format for mobile devices. It consists of superimposed windows. It is a bit intrusive but easy to close to return to the main site, without redirects. The good news is that it is an ad that gives a good performance, with up to 3 times better eCPM than others. Offering attractive formats suitable for all audiences.


Another mobile advertisement that encourages the user to try or download mobile applications, being able to accept or cancel without occupying the entire screen of the mobile device.
The best thing is that the performance of this type of ad can reach up to $ 7 per thousand impressions and bothering the user in a minimal way.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PropellerAds

PropellerAds is an advertising network based in the United Kingdom that pays 100% of the traffic, wherever it comes from. It has the highest international CPM possible. Depending on where the traffic is, the CPM will be higher, being currently the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia the countries that generate higher revenues.

Unlike Google AdSense, Propeller Ads is a CPM ad network, which basically means that you pay for every 1,000 impressions of ads that you generate. It does not matter if users click on your ads or not - they will pay the same! And for now the big publishers prefer CPM networks instead of CPC (Cost Per Click) ads like AdSense, Bing Ads, etc. If the traffic and the quality of your website is stable, CPM ads can generate guaranteed income every day and every month.

Have you noticed that in some websites with a high traffic rate they divide the content of the article into 10-50 slides? For example, this Esquire article: 30 things you should avoid starting at 30. YES! It is to increase the number of page views per visit - and, finally, the CPM. With this tactic, instead of 1 impression 30 Impressions will be counted or those that are


  • It is super easy to start since all accounts are activated instantly. You can access your publisher account and add all the domains from which you want to obtain income and you will be notified by email when the site is approved. 
  • Propeller Ads shares 80% of ad revenue with publishers. Although it is difficult to compare two advertisers based only on the percentage of income distribution, since we do not know the actual size of their ad inventory. An advertiser with a very large inventory of ads can easily exceed the CPM of a small advertising network by distributing only 50%. 
  • Propeller Ads reports are easy to read. They show the gains in a table or in a graph. And the best thing is that it is in real time! 
  • Propeller Ads supports the following payment methods: Transfer, Payoneer, WebMoney, and prepaid cards. The minimum payment is $ 100 less if you want a transfer. Then it will be $ 500 
  • Propeller Ads accepts all websites regardless of their traffic, as long as it does not violate its terms and conditions. 
  • Propeller Ads generates the highest CPM for entertainment web pages (including downloads, music, movies, viral blogs, etc.). 
  • It has a referral program and you can earn 5% of this advertising revenue - for life. 
  • You can monetize 404 pages with a full-screen ad. No more loss of traffic! 
  • Propeller Ads is compatible with other advertising or affiliate networks - such as AdSense, Public-Ideas ... 
  • If you are a beginner and need personal help, you can have direct support through email or Skype. Also, if you have a website with a high traffic rate, you can have an account manager who will help you optimize traffic. 


  • If you abuse the offer that PropellerAds has, you can give the user a bad experience. Your visitors can find annoying full-screen ads, pop-under ads, push ads, etc. 
  • Does not have PayPal payments. Which is not understood since almost all AdSense alternatives have PayPal. 
  • The minimum payment is very high. 
  • The best performing ad units are not traditional banners or mobile ads - they are pop-under or full-page ads. But users (including me) do not like them. However, if you have a file exchange website or a download website or even a forum maybe the pop-under could be a correct choice. 
  • Your CPM could be extremely low if the traffic quality is poor. Of course, this also happens in AdSense for low quality traffic but in Propeller Ads it is worse.