Yeesshh is hiring a Media Buyer

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Media Buyer, Barcelona.
Yeesshh, dynamic and fast moving digital business specialized in online advertising, is offering a media buyer position.
You will be responsible for acquiring traffic for one of Yeesshh line of business. Your job will consist in managing multiple traffic sources and make your business line revenue grow. You will be also responsible for selecting material to use and to pushing variances of campaigns. The monitoring of results 24h/day is a key dimension of that job, as you will analyse results down the conversion flow and adjust buying prices depending on final conversion revenues. You will manage several countries, pairing and benefiting from the mentoring of a senior media buyer managing his own countries.
Digital Marketing Management
Manage traffic acquisition, monitoring performances, and adapting spending depending on conversion results.
Update banners, landing pages and SMS to maximize conversion flow
Prospecting new ways to promote our apps
Review competitors activities
Reporting and recommendations to increase Yeesshh online presence
Compensation 5% of the margin managed, with a minimum of €22.000 a year.
Minimum one year experience as a media buyer is mandatory
Business analyst profile. Must be VERY comfortable with numbers
Entrepreneurial, liking autonomy. Fast decision maker.
Previous experience in digital marketing or tech industry is a plus
Ideally a business school graduated, or economics / engineering, finance university
Curious about technologies and not afraid of the trial and error process.
Ability to take the initiative and drive for results
Proficient in English
Offices in the center of Barcelona, Spain
Unlimited working from home.
Flat organization, fast moving, geared to results. No politics, no waste of time.
Relaxed but professional environment. Serious business, in a fun and super relaxed environment.
Unlimited compensation thanks to a simple variable incentive system.
You can send your CV and cover letter to
Created 4 years ago from Barcelona, Yeesshh manages private programmatic market places offering digital advertisers traffic they would not find with the GAFAs. We trade ad spaces globally, at high frequency & in real time. Our business is spread around the globe. Our core activity is real time bidding on ad spaces, auctioning more than 30.000 ad spaces per second on average, 24/7. 
Company started in March 2016, and since then has been in super high growth (we double our activity each year). We are a team of about 25 people, with some 6/10 persons based from Barcelona, others being in eastern europe, asia, middle east and americas.