Is webview traffic bad traffic?

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By reputation, yes. Webview is bad. 
But being a performing affiliate marketing professional goes way beyond gossip and general belief…

Yes, smart performers do buy webview traffic, and tons of it. Yes, smart performers focus on webview traffic as they are extremely good sources under certain circumstances. 
So, how to take advantage of this massive, cheap traffic?

Well, let's visit the push notifications world first... 
Remember, typical push notifications are "web-based push notifications" sent to our devices, mobile or desktop. Websites and web apps do send those notifications, even when the user is not on the website. They all use the same technology: the browser functionality that allows to push notifications to your device.
Most of push notification traffic doesn't come with a referrer, and may be considered as webview by some. But it is real chrome traffic.
Also, if you open a link from Facebook, Skype or any other app, most of the times it will open in webview, not Chrome. But it is still great traffic!

Fraud in notifications?
Along the last 12 months, we saw Push notifications emerging and establishing as a robust source of traffic.
A while ago, fraud in notifications was not a relevant matter. But as business behind notification became relevant, fraudsters jumped on that format that generates real money now. So be careful, and make sure you have effective filters in place.

More than 45% of Smartphone users in US are iPhone users (since Chrome is NOT default browser on iOS, there close to none push notification traffic on iphone). Obviously, some companies are seizing the opportunity, surfing on the push notification wave, creating this "new" format called "web push" or "in page push". 
But beware! This is nothing more than a floating native banner, and even if it is performing well for specific campaigns or verticals, it should not be considered push as it is completely different!

But if you're already with Eureekkaa by Yeesshh, you can take a breath. By default, all Eureekkaa traffic is analyzed and any suspicious traffic is eradicated so you get only valid push notification traffic.

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