How To Optimize Traffic – Perfomance Tracking

Although you buy in CPM, putting in place a post back tracking will allow to optimize traffic (we recommend to track through S2S with subID).
Examples of landings URL:{conversion}
This URL send back conversion, it allows auto blacklist, removing sources that do not work

     Example of URL that DO NOT track:
     This URL give no information, you need to use your system to eventually adjust bids to get more traffic{pubfeed}_{subid}&bid={bid}
     This URL allows to know sources of traffic and Bid used. Many macros can be added.

  Postback URL:{clickid}&value={value}

S2S (Postback) tracking works the following way:

1.We append a unique transaction ID, I mean "our clickid”, that, when added in URL must appear as {conversion}) at the end of your url on each impression you buy. We can put it under any name of parametre you will give us (by default, we call this parameter “yoursubidname”, often advertisers call it "clickID" or "c" or whatever you want) 

Example: the traffic we send you will appear conceptually as :{conversion}, where {conversion} returns "ourclickID".

2.When you see a conversion, you send us back the corresponding {conversion} value to our global postback domain:{ourclickid}&value={value}

Example: if link is

You send us back

3.Our system matches that clickid with the corresponding impression and then on your reports on our platform you can see to which publisher and publisher subid/domain that impression corresponds

4.{value} is optional. But it is needed in order to optimize your bid levels. If you do not enter {value}, you will see everytime a convertion is made, but you will not be able to define your optimal bid level (using our autobidder or optimize manually the bids)

5.Edit your offer to set up your conversion goal

6.Campaign can now be optimized at best!

Voluum users:

1) Add in your Voluum "advance parametres":
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source= {pubfeed}_{subid} and clickid={conversion} 
  The voluum URL will now appear as{conversion}&source={pubfeed}_{subid}
  2 ) Enter the traffic source post back URL:
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Postback URL must appear as{clickid}&value={value}
or, instead of {value} the fix value you need.