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Why do I see different results in Google Analytics?
Sometimes, you may believe you observe a difference between our statistics and your Google Analytics statistics. This is because you look at Google live data, that is often changed the following day. It is caused by the redirects used in the Pop industry, and you may see different countries reached (according google analytics real time stats) or different volumes. If this happens, stay calm, as you will see that data is adjusted by Google the following day, and numbers match pretty well with ours. .

Different overall volumes of impressions with Google Analytics
Two possibilities:
 1. You see nothing from us
The URL you have entered in our platform is not the one you track via Google Analytics.
2. You see some impressions, but less than in Yeesshh platform

Depending on where the tag is placed in your page, you can see relevant differences.

We send POP traffic, meaning users lands on the website without any click. As a consequence, the bounce rate is very high. If a page impression tag is located at the end of the page, many pages may be launched, but closed by users before they completely appear on screen. This is especially true if your landing page is slow to load.

Different geographies covered with Google Analytics
Sometime, because of the redirects used in the pop industry, and the techbolgy used by Google to show results in rtreal time, you may see, in Google Analytics REAL TIME STATS, countries you have not targeted. Do not panic, this can happen, but after 24h, Google will correct this data, and show you the real countries that where targeted.