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Which ad format do you use?
We are specialized in LARGE FORMAT advertising that OPENS DIRECTLY YOUR LANDER. Depending on the device (Mobile or desktop mainly), the formats vary, with their own characteristics.
Interstitials: Before reaching the desired page, user is routed through a "middle page", from which he can exit at any time.

Pop under, site under: A new window opens bellow the currently navigated page. it appears when user minimizes/close its current 
window. Known as less intrusive as pop ups, bear in mind those formats appear less in context than pop up. Hence convert generall less.

Pop Up: Full page ad appearing on top of currently visited page.

New tab: User is driven to a new tab that opened in the browser.

Redirect, 404, park domain: When miss typing a url, user is redirected to a full page advertisement.

Exit yeld: Same as a redirect, but when user press "back" in the browser.

Lightbox, overlay: iFrame opening inside the visited page. Beware, all ads are not iframe comnpatible.