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When my campaign will be approved?
Campaigns are manually approved by Yeesshh team within a working day. Once the campaign is approved, it goes live directly and you will start receiving traffic. Each new URL need an approval.
For the first time, you need to add funds for your campaign being approved, as we also verify if your payment is acceptable.. We will not approve a campaign if there is no funds on the account.
Smart user: Set your campaign as "active" (even if it is not approved yet), so that as soon as you get our approval, your campaign starts live immediately. Also, once you spent above $2.000 in accumulated, you can request to be in special status "autoapprovR" allowing you to have your campaign launched and modified, without having us to verify all your settings.
It is better to put several URLs to have approved in advance, so in case you need to change one, you do not rely on approval, and can move faster