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What payment options are available here?
Paypal, any credit card, Bitcon, €uro, U$D: We improved our paying systems so you work the way you prefer! Some are accessible from our self serve, Other after requesting us an invoice:

We also accept Bitcoin and wire. To pay so, ask for an invoice at support@yeesshh.com. On the invoice, click on the "pay" button and select your payment.
We bill in $ or in €.
The minimum payment is $150
Paypal or credit card payment: 3% bellow $500 or 5% when amount is over $500.
Bitcoin 3%.
Wire are free.
Declined Payments: We only accept payments from Paypal account owner that signed TnCs with us (done automatically when you opt in on our platform). In case the Paypal account used is different from the one used to open account with us, we will send you an IO to sign.

For more information or if you are having difficulties, please send an email to admin@yeesshh.com with the subject "Selfserve : Payment Inquiries", providing us your Account Login.