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Traffic transparency (macros / tokens)
Recommended URL structure: 

We can pass as many traffic parameters as you need, so you will get full visibility on traffic we send you. You can add them at the end of your URL.

Supported macros/tokens:

See all available macros in Dashboard / Campaigns / Creatives / edit campaign:
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 Bellow the "Destination URL" field, you have all the macros available
- Most commonly used macros:
{pubfeed} - Publisher feed id 
{subid} - Publisher feed subid 
{referrer} - Referrer url (urlencoded) 
{referrer_domain} - Referrer domain 
- You may combine macros, for example, to get within ONE parametre both dimension "Publisher" and "subID", type it as {pubfeed}_{subid} 
- You can rename the parametre as you want, we will make sure you have the corresponding data when setting up your account:: 
  &affiliate_id (called by some also publisherID, we call it pubfeed, referring to the source of traffic)   
  &site (called by some “domain” or “zone”, we call it Refferer, referring to the domain on which you ad is shown) 
  Just go to how to set up the tracking for full instructions on conversion tracking.