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How to get more traffic or conversions. Most common solutions:
No traffic:
- You spent all your budget. Check at advertiser level AND at Campaign level. Whole or daily budget
- Your end date / time has expired (at campaign or creative level)
- Your are not enabled. Check at Campaign level AND at creative level that both are "enabled"
- Your filters are too strict (you target keywords or URL we do not have)
- Your cap is too tight: if you put a budget cap, do not put a click cap. Also, spending less than $20 a day is useless and you will get nearly no traffic.
- Your creative has been paused. Change it and re enable it.
- Error in bid (too low).

Low traffic:
- Campaign is set as "evenly", and budget is low (less than $200 a day). Change your campaign setting to "asap".
- You uploaded an IP white list, but selected a carrier or a country. Deselect all carriers and all countries, your IP white list will do the job.
Look in your past stats at the "Impressions/Requests" column. This is the traffic available to buy. If is it low (less than 100.000 impressions a day), this is probably because you target way to narrow. Remove some filters.
- You have a low "maximum spend" (in clicks or $). If so, you will receive less volume than usual. A low amount is bellow $200. Remove the limit.
- Is bid correct? If you bid too low, others get traffic, not you. A good way to start is to put the bid indicated here with a low budget (100$), and depending of your result, you may lower your bids gradually. You can look here on how to adjust your bids. If you started too low  it will be very hard to get a second chance as you will be classified as a low bidder, and most publishers will not even consider you anymore...Your "position" indicate how you are positioned vs other bidders. It should be 1 if you want the maximum traffic, or < 1.002 if you want to get traffic, but never overspend on it   (1.002 means you are slightly behind the 1st bidder). 
- Your campaign is not optimized. See "how to optimize your campaign"

No conversions:
- If you see no conversions on the platform, there is an error in the post back tracker. Did you setup the "Goal" properly ?
- Have you sufficient impressions volume before saying it does not work? (With less than  $150 spend you can hardly say it does not work)
- Verify if you target correct geo, that your URL is working, etc.  All the available targeting parameters are listed here.
- Please note Yeesshh is a CPV platform, not a performance platform: you buy clicks under your own responsibility and we will not refund you in case of lack of performance.

Poor conversions:
- Campaign is not optimized: you need to drill by Feed and sub id and blacklist all sources that do not work. Ask us, we can set it up automatically for you.
- Too little budget, Traffic and conversions do not appear by magic in the first fifteen minutes of your campaign's. You will have to wait approximately three to four hours to start getting relevant results on your report. Do not draw conclusions with less that minimum 150.000 imps.
- Your landing page is not optimized, it loads too slow