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How do I get my reports?

It is the default home page of your account. You have there a very quick overview of your spending, balance, and results of the day. It is organized by the top sources of traffic (feeds) and campaigns.
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Reports menu let you open stats by a few basic variables. From there, you can drill down further. 

Report by Feed (traffic source) and by SubID 

Dashboard / Reports / Reports by campaign
Select date range
You see the list of your current campaigns and how they are performing
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break down the campaign ("+" button) by "Feed" (feed= traffic source) 
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Break down the feed ("+" button) you want by "Pub subid"  
Key Definitions to understand your results: 
Impressions / Requests : Volume of traffic available to buy in a specific source (for the time period selected)
Clicks / Views : Volume of traffic bought
Cost : Total cost of the traffic bought
CPC\CPV : Cost per view (or impression) you are getting for this specific source.
Position: Where you bid ranks vs other advertisers
VTR (or CTR) : Rate of won traffic. It's the percentage of traffic you managed to acquired of the total of traffic available. 
Avg CPA (Average Cost Per Action) : It’s your cost for 1 conversion. It will be only available if you have integrated our post back URL to send us conversion information 
Goals Conversion: number of conversions obtained