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Bid by Feed and Subid
Before adjusting your bids, you need to analyse performances by Feed (traffic source) and by SubID. If you are not sure on how to do this, refer to viewing your stats.
Bid by Feed 
Dashboard / Campaigns / Campaigns
Edit campaign you want
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scroll down and open the TQ & Analytics section
  • Text Hover
Scroll down and open the Publisher feed breakdown
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 Enter your bid adjustment by feed (traffic source)

Bid by SubID
Login to https://login.yeesshh.com/advertiser/login using usual login and password.
Campaigns / Campaigns
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click on "offer" that matches your campaign line
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"Edit" the offer for which you want to adjust bids
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Tab "subID" / "create" / select Feedid, enter subID and bid adjustment. To enter another bid adjustment, repeat on "create"

How to adjust Bid

You may adjust bid to gain traffic and be more competitive. To do so, work out from the "position" parametre (see more on "Campaign Optimization" tutorial)..

Powerful bid adjustments are obtained once your campaign is tracked correctly. You will then be able to bid at optimal level or also go under autopilot with our auto bidder