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You can now target Apps !

Target Mobile Apps: Yeah, you can do it. Some marketers are lost on mobile traffic, and simply ignore all “in-app” traffic… Well, since this traffic is roughly half of all the traffic available, we, at Yeesshh, feel this approach lack ambition: in fact, In-App traffic has a lot of super interesting niche traffic you should take advantage of.

Many of our clients do that already using OS, device, geo-targeting, and so on.

And now, you can also use “bundle ID” to give an extra kick to your performance…

Bundle IDs, App IDs and why should I care?

Target Mobile Apps – What is it?

Bundle ID: A bundle ID or bundle identifier uniquely identifies an application. This means that no two applications can have the same bundle identifier

Its structure is usually the reverse domain + name of the app. Like this: com.acompany.myapp

App ID: People often confuse App IDs with bundle IDs or, even worse, they think they’re the same thing. An App ID represents one or more applications in Apple’s system. It’s structure is a chain of characters. Like this: ABCDE12345

So what should I do?

When you run a campaign, check out reports by Bundle ID (how to make such report here) . You will see that usually, your advertisement performs better on certain Bundle IDs, especially if you are into contextual targeting.

You can then optimize your campaign by removing non-performing apps, and boosting bids on the top-performing ones!

And what happens with Webview traffic? – Target Mobile Apps

A review is an app-modified version of chrome. Meaning each app has its own webview version. So it is a BIG mess. Depending on your landing page, some pages can render better on some webviews than others. By filtering apps by bundle ID you are able to select only the web views where your page will look the best.

As an example, the webview opened by Facebook app is known to be very high quality (nearly same as chrome browser). By targeting Facebook bundle ID, and accepting webview in your offer you will get traffic coming from the Facebook app, at an ultra-competitive price! Other advertisers will filter it out and you will collect the fruits 😉

At Yeesshh we have tons of in-app traffic, if you are already advertising with us test it out and if not… sign up now!

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