Push Notification: free access to 1st class traffic

icon1Yes, push traffic is hot, and the demand is quite high.
At Eureekkaa, we implemented quite some time ago a system to lower the price you pay depending on results and we see that all our advertisers are making use of it.
This is great, as it allows you to get the correct price for each traffic from the very first day. No need to explore and experiment, we have already done this for you, so you are good to go.
Your benefit: you spend less money to learn what works.
Well well, the recent problem is advanced fraud on push traffic.
We already have our standard anti-fraud filters running on traffic, but lately new scams were found for push notification traffic. You can rest assured: we now also filter out these new advanced scams*. In average, we remove around 35% of traffic to protect you, and send you only what counts: real traffic, at reasonable price.
Typical push notification fraud found today:
  • iTraffic: Push notifications from Safari on IOS is always fake. It simply does not exist.
    Eureekkaa eradicates it.
  • Spoofed devices: This is fake traffic, identified under a certain device that is not real. We kill it from the source.
  • Fastclicks: Yes, it happens, these aretoo good to be true! So, we eradicateit too.
  • Pop reselling: This is when a push notification is simulated with a pop. Crazy, but they do it.
    We kill it!
  • CTR control: Of course, you are a genius of creativity, but 25% is NOT a normal rate. At Eureekkaa, it is simple, we do not believe in magic, so when indicators look too good to be true, we de-list the publisher.
Wanna check that we are telling the truth?
Top-up now and run your campaign. If you find fraud, we refund double of what you report us.

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