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What is AdCash? Is AdCash being good for publishers? Read AdCash Review to learn more about the ad network, their requirements for publishers, approval process, ad platform, payouts, support, pros and cons, and others.

AdCash Review | Introduction

AdCash is a reputed online advertising company also an alternative to Yeesshh ad network, which has rapidly grown since their start in 2007. AdCash is a next-generation self-service ad platform that helps both advertisers and publishers. This online advertising network is available in over 150 countries and the admin panel can be used in 8 different languages which makes their interface very easy to understand almost all over the world. The AdCash ad network consists of a wide range of quality publishers which offers a billions of monthly ad impressions of banners and pop-under ads.

AdCash Review | Requirements for Publishers

Popcash is suitable for both low and high traffic websites. If you have a new website having less traffic, you can start to show Popcash ads instantly. However, if you have a good amount of traffic on your website, you will have a good chance of higher earnings. The approval requirement is not that hard for publisher. The only one requirement is – you must have a website (it can be self-hosted top-level domain or subdomain; it can be web 2.0 platform as well) and able to edit the HTML code to insert the ad code.

AdCash Review | Registration & Approval

The registering process on AdCash ad network is quite simple as Yeesshh. You have to fill the registration form and select the type of account – advertiser or publisher. Also, you have to select your currency that will be used for payments, payouts and reporting. For currency they are allowing EURO and USD both.

The approval process is very simple. If your site complies with their quality guidelines, then you will get fast approval.

Popcash Review | Ad Styles

In Popcash Ad Network, you will have pop under ad formats, which is similar to popular and boring pop up ads. The pop-under ads are loaded in the background of your browser screen, behind the browser window you are focused on. So, the visitor will not feel disturbed by the ad served by the Popcash Ad network. The pop-under ads of Popcash is highly optimized both for Desktop and Cellphones.

Popcash Review | CPM Rates

Popcash is very popular for its higher CPM rates compared to other pop ad networks in the market. Popcash monetization model for publishers is based on CPV (Cost per views) and CPM (Cost per miles). You will be paid for 1000 views or impressions. Popcash shares 80 percent revenue with the publishers, which is higher than Google Adsense. The CPM model of Popcash is extremely dynamic and depends on the website niche, country and demographics, and the quality of the traffic.

Popcash pays $2 – $4/CPM for the tier one country like US, UK, or Canada. Rates for other regions like Asians are comparatively lower than tier 1 countries which is $1 – $1.5.


Popcash Review | Payment Methods

Popcash supports a variety of payment methods for their publishers. You are allowed to withdraw your hard earned money through PayPal, Payza, or Paxum instantly. You can also withdraw the money via bank transfer. However, more payment methods like Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller, or Bitcoins are yet to be added as payment methods.

Popcash’s payment process is very fast and hassle-free. They are very famous across publishers for their fast and timely payments. They take 48 hours to issue all the payments.

Popcash Review | Minimum Payouts

The minimum payout rate of Popcash is suitable for new publishers as it is $10. Unlike other ad networks, Popcash releases publisher payments instantly upon request.

If a publisher request for bank wire or bank transfer, then the minimum payout is $1000. And if you request your payments via Payza, PayPal, or Paxum, then you are eligible to withdraw as low as $10.

Popcash Review | Customer Support

Popcash’s customer support system is very faster and more responsive than others. Publishers can reach Popcash support team via email, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype. The support team members are very supportive and experienced enough to solve critical issues easily. The support is available 24X7 online.

Popcash Review | Referral System

Like other Advertising Networks, Popcash has a referral program for their publishers. It is a great chance to get some additional income. A publisher will get 10% lifetime revenue share from their referred member’s earnings. So, start referring other publishers to start monetizing on Popcash.

Popcash Review | Pros

  • 80% Revenue Share
  • Global Coverage
  • Fast approval
  • Clean and Safe ads
  • Easy Withdraw Process
  • Higher CPM Rates
  • Lower Threshold ($10)
  • Several Payment Methods
  • Timely Payments
  • Can be used along with Google AdSense
  • Only 1 ad every 24 hours per 1 IP address
  • Real-time reporting system
  • Dedicated support via Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and E-Mail

Popcash Review | Cons

  •         Only Pop ads are allowed.
  •         A lot of traffic needed for good earnings.

Popcash Review | Opportunity for the Publishers

On Popcash Ad Network, the opportunity for the publishers is comparatively better than other ad networks. As they have to strict rules for approval, a newbie website owner can start monetization easily. With good CPM rates, publishers can earn higher than other similar ad networks.

Popcash has a huge number of quality publishers, which attract advertisers to serve their ads on Popcash. So, the opportunity for publishers is increasing along with the increase of advertisers.

Popcash Review | Summary

Popcash Review – At a Glance
Category Description
Type of Ads Network Pop ads network
User Interface Simple and User-Friendly
Payment Process 48 hours.
Ways to Get Payment PayPal, Payza, Paxum or Bank Transfer
Minimum Withdraw $10
Approval Process Easy and Fast
Network Popularity High
Ad Format Pop-Under
CPM Rates Higher
Support 24X7 Online; Email, Skype, and Yahoo IM
Overall Rating 9/10 as a publisher


Popcash Review | Final Verdict

Popcash is an ideal ad network for beginners. The ad platform of Popcash is very simple and user-friendly. The higher CPM rates, minimum payouts, and the 24X7 online support make Popcash the best pop ad networks in the online advertising industry. If you have a new website and getting less traffic, then Popcash is a great ad network to get started.


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