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Hi Everyone, I am the current content manager at and today, I took the initiative to do some research and compare some of the top Pop Under companies that are available out there. For the sake of this article and for everyone’s sense of fairness, I tried to put myself into the shoes of someone that wanted to launch a campaign so you guys will be able to see the different pros and cons about each of these companies. As you may know, the digital marketing world is largely increasing and more and more companies are putting interest into it. However, there are only a few leaders of this industry. The ones that I have reviewed were Propeller Ads Media, Pop Ads, Ad-Maven, Pop Cash, Exoclick and Yeesshh (see table below). Out of these six, I would say that Propeller Ads Media, PopAds and Yeesshh are definitely the best ones which is why I decided to go into more details so you can have a better understanding of these companies. Let’s begin !


Propeller Ads Media has a great simplistic and clear layout that contains everything needed to create a campaign and track your revenue. It is very easy to navigate and most will consider it as user-friendly. Moreover, they even allow you to track your revenue and campaign. Downside to Propeller is that it only has a FAQ site with limited answers if you need help. So newcomers and users who are not too much friendly to this type of business will have a hard time to understand if they have some questions to ask.
PopAds was another great platform where the layout appear slightly old but has all the bells and whistles that are as good as new and the usage remains simple. It is fully functional and operating well. It even offers advanced settings for both publishers and advertisers. Everything is pretty much simplistic and clear. However, the only downfall to this system is their technical support. They promote that they have a FAQ system with great responses but it seems to always be down with no questions or answers within the system.
The last of these three is Yeesshh. Yeesshh has a very simplistic and modern looking platform which makes it very easy to navigate and create a campaign. They have great documents that help create, setup and optimize your campaign. In terms of their technical support they have this new chatbot that works through facebook’s messenger application that is completely automated and responds within seconds. Most of your questions will be answered through that system and if not they will list an email for a support person that got back to me within 24hrs. Yeesshh’s downfall is that their self serve is fairly new so it may be prone to some simple technological issues.
Ultimately, all three of them are great and would recommend anyone of them. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you for your interest and get the Pop activity started !


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