PopAds Review | What You Need to Know about PopAds

What is PopAds? Is PopAds ad good for publishers? Read PopAds Review to know the benefits of PopAds. Learn more about PopAds minimum payouts, customer support, payment methods, CPM rates and so on.

PopAds Review | Introduction

PopAds is an alternative to Yeesshh ad network, is one of the most popular advertising agency based on Pop under and Pop up ads. The company started their journey in 2010, and since then they have successfully been running their advertising business. PopAds network is very popular for their quality services and they are spreading their business impressively. This ad network is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers, and for this reason, the popularity of this network is growing gradually.

PopAds Review | Requirements for Publishers

PopAds network is the fastest-growing ad network as good as Yeesshh. This ad network is still in their beta mode, and for this reason, they are allowing almost all the application who has their own website. However, the ads of PopAds can be placed on some web 2.0 websites also, like blogger, wordpress.com, and others. If the web 2.0 platform supports HTML editing or has plugin or widget to insert the ad code, you can easily use them on your blog.

PopAds Review | Registration & Approval

The registration process of PopAds is very simple like typical registration or signup process. You have to input your login credentials and email address while registering on their website. Just select the account type carefully. You can sign up as a publisher or as an advertiser.

They approve applications almost instantly. You will get the confirmation email within 24 hours. However, sometimes it takes 2/3 days to get the confirmation email. Just wait for the confirmation email from the PopAds support team.

PopAds Review | Ad Styles

PopAds Ad network specializes in browser pop ads. They support only two different types of ads – Pop Under and Pop-Up Ads. They are different by their visual effects.

With pop-under ads, the ad will pop on the back side of the current browser or window. And with the pop ad, the ad will appear in front of the browser or the window.

The pop-up ad is the old version of pop type’s ads and almost everyone has a bad experience with them. But the pop-under is new types of pop ad and has a positive impact on website visitors.

PopAds Review | Ad Optimization

The ads served by the PopAds ad network are responsive and mobile friendly. So, there is no chance to miss the single visits of earning.

PopAds Review | Ad Placement

As a publisher of PopAds, you can select your preferred category of ads to be shown on your website. If you are running a sports blog, then you can select a sports category to have the most relevant ads on your website. And relevant ads will help to increase the click-through rates. However, a publisher has the option to turn off any specific types of ads to show on their website.

PopAds Review | Ad Insertion

If you are hosting your website on WordPress then the ad insertion process is very simple. There are many plugins which may help you to handle the ad placement process in an easy way. Ad Injection and Ad Rotation – the widely used WordPress widgets for ad placement.

If you are using blogger, you can also use an HTML widget to place your ads on the sidebar or header. However, you can use Ads Ready blogger templates on your website to easily implement ads.

You can also place HTML code directly to your backend template code.

PopAds Review | Reporting System

The stats reporting system of PopAds is very effective for publishers where you can see the details stats of your ad performances. The PopAds reporting system has many filters to break down your ad performance for better analysis.

PopAds also offers real-time stats for publishers. With real-time reporting, they don’t have to wait for long to see the changing results of their earnings.

PopAds Review | CPM Rates

Like other pop ad networks, PopAds also measures ad performances with CPM (cost per mile) calculation. The CPM rate of PopAds is nearly as good as the Yeesshh CPM rate when compared to other pop ad networks.

For the tier 1 countries, the rate is very high as $14 – $10 per 1,000 quality views. And for the tier 2 countries, the rate is $4 – $9 per 1,000 views. However, the rate is too low for the other countries like $0.55 – $3.

PopAds Review | Payment Methods

PopAds offers various options for their publishers to withdraw their money. As a publisher, you can withdraw your money via PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank Wire.

PopAds Review | Minimum Payouts

PopAds offers the lowest minimum threshold. You don’t have to wait long for payments as they offer the lowest minimum payout for withdrawal – $5. Whenever your earning reaches $5, you can request for withdrawing.

PopAds Review | Fast Withdrawal

The payment withdrawal process of PopAds is very fast. Once you have finalized earnings of $5 or more, you can request for payments and the fund will arrive on your selected option within 24 hours which is relatively very fast.

PopAds Review | Payment Frequency

As already stated, PopAds is one of the fastest paying ad networks. It offers payments on a daily basis. When the finalized earning reaches to the threshold, you will have your money in your account within 24 hours. However, you can set your payment frequency as automated, so you don’t have to request each time for payments. With this automated payment mode, you will receive automatic payments whenever your reaches to the minimum.

PopAds Review | Customer Support

You can reach the PopAds customer support team via their email – support@popads.net. The support team members are very experienced and quick responsive. If you have any query, just reach them and you will have your problem solved quickly.

PopAds Review | Referral System

PopAds offers a referral system also. As a publisher, you will get 10% of your referrals lifetime earnings, which are a big opportunity to earn some extra money. So, start promoting PopAds to your friends and newbie bloggers.

PopAds Review | Pros

  • No such minimum traffic is required.
  • It accepts world-wide traffic anywhere.
  • $5 minimum payout.
  • High CPM rates.
  • Accepts every website – even blogs & subdomains.
  • Adult traffic also accepted here.
  • Faster Payments.
  • Very fast and responsive support.
  • Referral System.
  • Real Time Stats.
  • Supports automatic payments.
  • Category based ad placement.
  • Mobile Friendly ads.

PopAds Review | Cons

  • Pop Up/Under ads generally irritates the visitors.

PopAds Review | Opportunity for the Publishers

The PopAds ad network is very effective for publishers, but not as good as Yeesshh. The publisher will get maximum ads on their blogs as the number of advertisers is increasing day by day. The CPM rate is also increasing gradually over the years. So, the publishers will get the opportunity to earn big on every month.









PopAds Review | Summary

PopAds Review – At a Glance
Category Description
Type of Ads Network Pop ads network
User Interface Simple and User-Friendly
Payment Process 24 hours.
Ways to Get Payment PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank Wire
Minimum Withdraw $5
Approval Process Easy and Fast
Network Popularity High
Ad Format Pop-Under
CPM Rates Higher
Support Email
Overall Rating 9/10 as a publisher


PopAds Review | Final Verdict

The PopAds ad network is newbie friendly as they approve almost all publishers without having huge traffic. You can earn a huge amount in every month if your website is getting good traffic. However, PopAds can be a good start for bloggers as they don’t have any traffic requirements. If Google is not approving your application for Adsense, use PopAds or Yeesshh as the best alternative.


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