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What is ExoClick? Is ExoClick being good for advertisers? Is it a good alternative to Yeesshh? Read ExoClick Review to learn more about their requirements, approval process, ad platform, payouts, support, pros and cons, and others.

ExoClick Review | Introduction

ExoClick an adult dedicated advertising company, which provides online advertising services both for advertiser and publisher. They are rankled in 4th position by W3techs as the largest online advertising company all over the world (who said adult traffic was not the biggest traffic source ever 😊?)

Like Yeesshh, ExoClick is a Spain based company (Barcelona). They were founded in 2006 and are good friend of Yeesshh. They started as a 100% adult traffic company (porn sites mainly) and although claim moving into mainstream, they are relevant if you look for adult traffic.

ExoClick operates its own technology and operates all over the world, serving 155+ billion ads in a month, nice no?

ExoClick Review | Requirements for Publishers

The joining requirements are very easy for publishers and within a few steps, a publisher can get registered on this network. There are no minimum traffic requirements, which means that if you don’t have a high volume of traffic, it doesn’t matter here. But a well-structured and SEO friendly theme is a must. And, you need to put into consideration is that the content quality. The website or blog should have quality content to help optimize their ads according to the type of contents.

ExoClick Review | Registration & Approval

The process of registration is very simple and the requirements are very easy. As mentioned above, if you are applying for a website which is well structured and SEO friendly, and have high-quality contents, you will get approved within hours. They don’t have any strict rules or requirements at all. Websites with quality content, but low traffic will also get their approval.

ExoClick Review | Website Guideline

As mentioned above, ExoClick accepts almost all types of websites, but you need to read their terms and conditions before applying for a particular website. This advertising platform is best in entertainment and adult niches, and they pay a good rate for this niche.

ExoClick Review | Ad Formats

Although Yeesshh is focusing in pops, ExoClick offers different types of ad formats/styles, both for publishers and advertisers. ExoClick offers 14 different types of ad formats in the web, mobile, and in-app advertising categories. ExoClick also supports video advertising that is also an advantage for video publishers and advertisers.


ExoClick Different Ad Formats
No. AD Formats Description
1. Display Banner Different Types of Banner Sizes Are:- 468×60, 728×90,

300×250, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 300×600, 260×340.

2. Pop-Under Ads It is a Full Page Ad Pop Under the Main Browser Window. The user will not notice until he/she closes Main Window of Browser.
3. Interstitial Ads These ads are shown Before or After the targeted content on the website.
4. In-Video Ads Websites with Videos Can Use these ads very effectively as these adverts display inside Video Player and these are available in different Formats as 300×250 banner (pre-roll, on pause and post-roll); 468×60 banner or text ad (in a stream).
5. Mobile Ads ExoClick Also Provides Ad Formats Optimized for Mobile Devices. They provide Various Ad Formats: – Popups, Re-directions, 300×250, 300×100, and 300×50.
6. Instant Message These ads are displayed on Right Bottom Sides of Websites to show Instant Messages to Audience.


ExoClick Review | Reporting System

The ad or earning reporting system helps publishers to easily understand their performance during a certain period. ExoClick’s reporting system is publisher friendly and easy to manage. In the dashboard section, you can easily check the latest summarized report of weekly performances. However, you can check a detailed report of your monthly reports from ExoClick publisher account.

ExoClick Review | CPM Rates

The CPM rates of ExoClick are much higher than other CPM based advertising network, but not as much as a Yeesshh advertising network. They pay more than $1.50 per CPM and this is really a good amount if your website has a good amount of traffic. Other networks usually pay $0.50-$1.20, so the CPM rate of ExoClick is comparatively high.

ExoClick Review | Payment Methods

As a big advertising network, ExoClick has millions of publishers and advertising on their network. To pay their advertiser smoothly, ExoClick offers different types of payment methods. As a publisher, you can withdraw your money by using different payment options. They support Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, and Webmoney.

ExoClick Review | Minimum Payouts & Fees

A publisher always prefers networks that have a low minimum payout. Like other CPM based advertising networks, the minimum payout rate of ExoClick is $20 which is comparatively low. But if you want to withdraw your balance via Webmoney and bank wire transfer, then the minimum payout is $200 & $2000 respectively. However, there are some fees associated with Payoneer, Paxum and Wire transfer.

Payment Method Minimum Withdrawal Fees
PayPal $20 Free
Paxum $20 Charge Applicable
Payoneer $20 Charge Applicable
Webmoney $200 Charge Applicable
Bank Wire Transfer $2000 Charge Applicable


ExoClick Review | Payment Frequency

The ExoClick payment system is fast and the publishers have two options to get the payments – NET7 and Monthly. In NET7, you will have the options to withdraw weekly payments within a threshold of $20 minimum for PayPal, Paxum, and Payoneer, but for Webmoney, the minimum payout is $200. You can also receive payments on a monthly basis. The wire transfer is available only for monthly payments on the 20th day of the month.

ExoClick Review | Customer Support

The customer support team of ExoClick is just amazing, but not as much as Yeesshh network. In ExoClick, you will have your personal account manager if you meet some of their requirements, probably the top earners or having higher payments. However, a general manager is associated with each account. Having an account manager will be very effective for anyone to get a deeper analysis of the account.

The support team members are very experienced and you will have your problem resolved very fast. The average response from the support is comparatively faster than other networks and they are very friendly. You can contact their support team via ExoClick’s contact us page or you can directly email them on – help@exoclick.com.

ExoClick Review | Referral System

ExoClick also offers a great referral system for the publishers. You will get 5% Life Time Revenue from the publisher’s earning in each month.

ExoClick Review | Pros

  • No such minimum traffic is required.
  • It accepts world-wide traffic anywhere.
  • $20 minimum payout.
  • High CPM rates.
  • Accepts every website – even blogs & subdomains.
  • Faster Payments.
  • Very fast and responsive support.
  • Referral System.
  • Real Time Stats.
  • Supports automatic payments.
  • Category based ad placement.
  • Mobile Friendly ads.
  • Various ad formats.
  • Good for entertainment and adult websites.

ExoClick Review | Cons

  • Low CPM rates (For Asian country visitors)
  • Mainly an adult network

ExoClick Review | Opportunity for the Publishers

ExoClick ad network offers best opportunities for publishers. As mentioned above, there are no strict rules or hard requirements for approval. If you are a newbie blogger or if you have a new website, your application will be accepted within hours.

The faster payments and flexible options are the main requirements a publisher always looks for and ExoClick offers both of these features.

In addition, ExoClick also offers various types of ad formats that help publishers to place ads in flexible positions as they want. Also, the higher CPM rates also an attractive feature of ExoClick.

ExoClick Review | Final Verdict

ExoClick is one of the largest Ad Network that ranked 4th according to W3techs, which serves millions of ad impressions each day. They offer various ad formats, targeting and retargeting options to help both advertisers and publishers receive the maximum benefits from their ad network. The company always dedicated to connecting quality advertisers and publishers on their network to acquire their brand value to the highest level.

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