AdCash Review 2018 – AdCash for Publishers

What is AdCash? Is AdCash being good for publishers? Read AdCash Review to learn more about the ad network, their requirements for publishers, approval process, ad platform, payouts, support, pros and cons, and others.

AdCash Review | Introduction

AdCash is a reputed online advertising company also an alternative to Yeesshh ad network, which has rapidly grown since their start in 2007. AdCash is a next-generation self-service ad platform that helps both advertisers and publishers. This online advertising network is available in over 150 countries and the admin panel can be used in 8 different languages which makes their interface very easy to understand almost all over the world. The AdCash ad network consists of a wide range of quality publishers which offers a billions of monthly ad impressions of banners and pop-under ads. 

AdCash Review | Requirements for Publishers

The requirements for publishers in AdCash are the same as the other ad networks. There are no language and minimum traffic requirements. A newbie blogger can start to work as a publisher of AdCash. However, as a publisher a good amount traffic is needed to earn from any ad network. Before applying to their network please read their publisher quality guideline.  

AdCash Review | Registration & Approval

The registering process on AdCash ad network is quite simple as Yeesshh. You have to fill the registration form and select the type of account – advertiser or publisher. Also, you have to select your currency that will be used for payments, payouts and reporting. For currency they are allowing EURO and USD both.

The approval process is very simple. If your site complies with their quality guidelines, then you will get fast approval.

AdCash Review | Ad Formats and Targeting 

AdCash offers a variety of ad formats both for advertisers and publishers – 12 ad formats, from site-under display like Yeesshh to in-app video. AdCash offers deep targeting options like Geo, user interest, language, device, OS, and browser targeting. They also offer re-targeting options for advertisers. These particular features help publishers to have maximum benefits of ad serving on their blogs. 

AdCash Review | Mobile Optimization

The AdCash ad network offers mobile-optimized ads. This feature helps advertiser to reach their potential customers very fast and in a wide range, and publishers will get the same benefits as a result of higher CTR and earnings (you have to make your blog responsive and mobile friendly). 

AdCash Review | AdCash Publisher Reporting

The AdCash user panel for a publisher is very easy to work with. Publishers can have a look of basic current numbers and under reports on the dashboard. By going into statistics, a publisher can view current earnings and more detailed stats in nearly real-time. You can also set up a regular email reporting of your stats on a specific interval or there are more email reporting options to set up. 

AdCash Review | Ad Insertion

The ad insertion process is quite simple. They support HTML and JavaScript as the Ad code format. You can create your ad code for different ad units. However, they don’t have any WordPress plugin, but you can get help from other plugins to easily insert the ad code on your blog. 

AdCash Review | Ad Optimization

In AdCash ad network, clients have the flexible formats and payment options which helps to easily achieve their goals. They have an optimized algorithm to ensure efficient and relevant ad placement. AdCash and Yeesshh publisher accounts are equipped with the Anti-AdBlocker solution which has more than 95% of success rate in bypassing AdBlockers. 

AdCash Review | Ad Rates

The ad rates of AdCash are lower than Yeesshh network, but comparatively higher than other ad networks. AdCash ad rates are different for each ad type. 
AdCash Review | Payment Methods

AdCash and Yeesshh Ad networks are dedicated to serve quality services and hassle-free withdrawal options for publishers. They support different types of payment options for publishers. In AdCash a publisher can withdraw their money via PayPal, Skrill, Web money, Payoneer, or Wire transfer and in Yeesshh there are two options – PayPal and Bitcoin. 
The payment threshold on AdCash is in EURO currency, but in Yeesshh it is USD. However, you can withdraw your money in USD currency. 

AdCash Review | Minimum Payouts & Terms

The minimum payout rate of AdCash is much higher than other ad networks. The minimum payout amount is €100 with a NET-30 term. In the Yeesshh advertising network there is no fixed term and minimum threshold. 

AdCash Review | Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, AdCash and Yeesshh both are one step ahead of others. They provide easy-to-contact customer support facility for their clients. They are always dedicated to help their publishers and advertisers, and give them fast and quick solutions to their problems. The support team members are very knowledgeable and professional who understands how to handle whom. The response time is closely higher than others as like as the Yeesshh network. You will have your own personal account manager to resolve any issues regarding the platform and payments.
AdCash Review | Pros

  • Fast Approval. 
  • No Hard Requirements 
  • Multilingual support & Interface 
  • Dedicated Account Manager 
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • A wide range of ad types 
  • Different Payment Methods 
  • Anti-Ad blocker Solution 
  • Monthly Payments 
  • Highest CPM rates 
  • Supports mobile and video ads 
  • AdCash Review | Cons 
  • No Instant Payment 
  • Higher Payouts 

AdCash Review | Opportunity for the Publishers

Like Yeesshh ad network, AdCash serves maximum opportunities for their publishers. The easy control panel and reporting system, various ad formats, and a good ad rate are the best features that a publisher can utilize with AdCash ad network.  
AdCash offers ad optimization tools for advertisers to serve their ads on most relevant blogs/websites under their advertising network, which encourages publishers to maintain quality contents and gain good earning from their blogs.

AdCash Review | Referral System

The AdCash ad network doesn’t have any referral system like other ad networks. However, we can expect to have their referral system feature near future. .

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AdCash Review | Final Verdict

AdCash and Yeesshh are definitely great advertising networks with lots of benefits and flexible options. Both of them are dedicated to maintaining their quality of service which enhances earnings for publishers and maximizes return in profit for advertisers. Both of the ad networks are trusted ad network operated by industry professionals who deeply care about both their publishers and advertisers.